We are Mairead and Lauren: diehard fans of music (obviously), Ben & Jerry’s Americone Dream, tattoos, beer, travel and each other.

We’re both writers (one professional, one amateur who can’t keep her thoughts to herself) who were looking for an outlet for musings and fangirl-ings on one of our favorite subjects: music. Through interesting vibes we hope to sharpen our music writing skillz and explore our thoughts about artists, shows, and the music industry while sharing favorite tunes with the approximately four (wonderful) people who read our work.

We got our blog name from a really cool tattoo artist in Austin, who once told us we had interesting vibes. We thought that was neat and now try to emanate said interesting vibes in our everyday existences.

Mairead (let me help with this one: she might read, she may read) is a Writing, Literature, and Publishing student at Emerson College in Boston, with a minor in Hearing and Deafness—practical studies are her specialty.  When the doctor asks, “So you drink socially?”, she gets to respond, “No, professionally”, because she works at a brewery.  While not learning about beer, she’s probably drinking it, maybe running (beer bellies are unfortunately real), or sticking post-it notes of pieces of writing on the wall like a crazy person.

Mairead digs alternative R&B, the indie folk scene, and a random selection of rock.  Ever since seeing Almost Famous, her backup plan in life has been to become a bandaid.  Mairead’s Spotify minutes per year are disturbing, perhaps because people are too much for her or because she has no life.  She has a soft spot for tunes from her middle-age man friends (“Maggie May” is the go-to) and uber-big pop songs (there’s nothing guilty about the pleasure of “Someone Like You”).  She attracts but does not date white rappers.

Lauren studies geography, Spanish, and public policy at the University of Texas. Professionally, she digs through compost and watches yuppies enjoy wine. When she’s not working, writing, spacing out in class or searching for meaning in rap albums, Lauren is most likely worrying about climate change, showing you pictures of her dogs, and following politics like they’re pro sports.

Lauren was raised on classic rock (thx dad) and a healthy dose of early-2000’s pop (she is still crushing on Justin Timberlake, for the record). However, Lauren is a generally lame white person and therefore mostly likes indie rock, badass lady anthems and socially significant hip hop. She does the Austin club scene thing like a good ~local~, but true to her backwoods small-town upbringing, also has a weakness for overly rowdy bluegrass music, DIY punk, dive bars, and house shows. NWR 4ever.
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  1. Miles says:

    I happened to come across your blog about the WCBP. Lovely writing I must say 🙂
    But I must make one mention of the photos featured, as 3 of them are of my band, SMILE. I don’t reeeally understand the blogosphere or if it is even possible to edit things after publication, but if so, would you mind mentioning my band’s name and perhaps at that list of music links at the bottom, include this one:


    I do know that one of the other pictures is a band called TOMA. I don’t know about any of the others.
    Anyways, I would appreciate that so much!



    1. Hey Miles! Thanks for getting in touch– I tried to ID bands (the photos belong to a friend of mine) but wasn’t 100% certain I was right, so I’m glad you reached out! I’ll be sure to add y’all to the post and give your stuff a listen, too!



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