How to make a paper windmill


This craft step by step on how to make paper windmill that spins around, is one of my favorite fun and easy  craft idea for kids.

|make your own pinwheels from squares of coloured paper|make it in minutes|

Paper windmills, or pinwheels, make great tabletop decorations for outdoor parties.

Learn how to make a paper windmill with this step-by-step guide…

You will need
  1. Paper in 3-4 shades
  2. Decorative stickers
  3. Flat-ended map pin or push pin
  4. Thermacole balls

  5. Paper stick

  6. Card paper


  • Cut two 20cm squares of paper, one in each colour. 
  • Cut the squares  diagnolly, just like below ;                                    
  • Cut a circle shape from cardpaper / a sticker circle
  • stick the triangle shapes on the circle one by one, just like below;                                                                                                   
  • Fold all alternate corner sections down to the centre of the paper, holding each section under your thumb at the centre as you work. Place a sticker / centrally on the windmill so that it holds all the  blades in position ; like this ↓



  • Finally, place the pin through the paper stick ( use a bit of glue if it needs strenthening, but be careful not to stick the card to the stick  as this will prevent your  windmill from spinning around )Also,
  • place the pin in the thermacole ball ; like below ↓




One last tip before you go,

You might need to make it with card if you decide to do some Halloween or Christmas themed windmills as the weather is not as pleasant at this time of the year! A black and orange windmill with white ghosts and black spiders would be perfect for Halloween!

Please share your completed windmills with me!!

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