Very easy unique diya decoration at home | Decoration for diwali |

Clay diya are often used temporarily as lighting for special occasions, while diya made of brass are permanent fixtures in homes and temples. Decoration may refer to: Decorative arts; A house painter and decorator’s craft.

The earthen oil diya is most important thing for the festival of lights (Diwali). Diya is an oil lamp, usually made from clay, with a cotton wick dipped in vegetable oil or ghee(clarified butter).

They are native of India and are lighted for all festivals and auspicious occasions. The process might sound tedious but as a kid, I always loved doing it and after lightening them it looks beautiful and festive.

Lately, we use candles for multiple reasons but the authentic feel diyas give cannot be replaced. If you are living outside India, the price and supply might limit the use of these traditional lamps.

So today,  for Diwali –  I have something to share where you don’t have to compromise on using the traditional ones and still remain within budget 🙂

Aren’t they beautiful? And yes, you are right, they are pot saucers.

You can light them up with oil and cotton wicks and they look like traditional clay lamps 🙂

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