How to Make Paper Clay

                                              — Steps With Pictures


We love working with paper mache and upcycled newspapers. paper clay though technically a poaper mache Technique  and  super fun to work with .

Today, learn how to make paper clay with our steps – pictures included.

Homemade Paper Clay uses the same ingredients as a paper mache paste receipe, but you will need a blender as well!

For a “whiter” clay finish, you can also use toilet paper and glue. But I prefer the shredded paper version as it is more eco friendly.

Did you know that shredded paper can NOT be recycled? Most paper recycling plants can’t “handle” shredded paper as it is too small or clogs up the machines. So these shredded paper uses are great for eco- friendly person!

DIY Paper Clay Video

You can either watch out video tutorial or follow the step by step photo directions on INSTAGRAM : _interestingvibes_


Step 1 DIY Paper Clay – Gather your suppliers
  • shredded paper or newspaper cut into pieces
  • large bowl
  • Hot water
  • flour – 1 part flour to 4 parts pulp
  • a hand blender or mixer
  • lemon juice/vinegar(1tbsp)
  • glue
  • salt
Step 2 Make Shredded Paper or cut up newspapers

Begin by shredding all your paper. Using stredded paper is a wonderful upcycling technique.

Did you know that many recycling plant can NOT process shredded paper? It falls through the machinery gaps and clogs it up.

So if you have paper to shredd.. this is a great way to use it up.

Step 3 Fill a Bowl with Paper & Hot Water

Mix the water and shredded paper up throughly and make sure it is fully covered and able to saturate the shredded paper.

Step 4 Leave overnight (or for a few hours)


Your mixture won’t look much different the next day.. but the paper should now be softer and ready for hand blending!

Step 5 Blend with a hand blender or similar

A hand blender is great or you can use an electric mixer as well. Please ask for permission first and also make sure it doesn’t overheat! Pulp up the paper with the blender until it is broken down completely.

Step 6 Squeeze out excess water

STEP 7 : 

  • Add the remaining ingredients. To the bowl with the pulp, add a cup of premixed joint compound, 3/4 cup white school glue, 2 tablespoons (29.6 ml) mineral oil, and 1/2 cup white flour.
add flour
add flour
mix it well
mix it well
lemon juice
lemon juice

soaked paper
soaked paper
add soaked paper in a mixture
add soaked paper in a mixture

  • Mix up the clay until smooth.
  •  Use your electric mixer to beat the clay at a high speed. The paper fibers will break down and blend with the joint compound, glue, oil and flour until it takes on a smooth, dough-like consistency.

    • If you want a thicker clay, mix in an extra half cup of flour.
    • For a thinner consistency, add an extra half cup of glue.
Now your clay is ready to use
Now your clay is ready to use
  • Do not substitute these ingredients. Different types of glue, oil, flour, and so one will change the consistency of the paper clay and may not produce the results you want.
STEP : 8    Storing your paper clay – use an air tight container
  •  After using , Store leftover clay in an airtight container.
  • This will prevent it from drying out between uses. If kept in an airtight container, the clay will keep for several weeks.



creat a paper flower wreath craft to decorate for season. This one has been made from warm-hued Autumn colours to decorate for Fall.  You could easily switch this to bright colours and add a few paper leaves for Spring or Summer too.

This is a fun and easy Autumn DIY for older kids and adults to make.

I love making things from paper, and paper flowers are one of my favourites! Who says you can’t decorate with flowers for Fall?

easiest way of making paper flower wreath :

TYPE 1 :

TYPE 2 :

That’s it!  Just be sure not to put it outside if you want it to last more than one season.





Paper Crafts for Kids is a really great way to be creative with your child.

These Paper crafts for kids are simply brilliant. If you want to have some fun spending as little as possible then these ideas are perfect for your children

Do you know the skills a child can gain from Paper Craft?

Paper Crafts for Kids develops.
  • Builds a child’s motor skills.
  • Helps develop a strong grip.
  • Can enhance hand and eye coordination
  • Will expand cognitive skills
  • Encourages your child to be creative
  • Helps your child understand how things work.

How to make an amazing paper snake tutorial. 

Accordion Paper Snake Craft for Kids

                      Accordion Paper Snake Craft for Kids


  • 1-2 sheets of A4 in contrasting colours (red & yellow in our case)
  •  cardpaper
  •  googly eyes
  •  scissor
  •  glue


  • Take  A4 size papers and follow as below  ↓
  • Cut the paper in to even strips.
  • I made mine about 1cm wide and used a ruler to help me (marked one sheet, but cut four sheets in one go). The neater and more even you cut, the better!
  •  The “tricky bit”: Take one yellow and one red strip. It is kind of like pleating the two pieces of paper.
  • Glue down the first two bits and then alternately fold over.
  • Once you get to the end of the paper, I glued on another strip. So each leg and neck is made of 2 yellow strips and 2 red strips of paper. Glue top down.
  • then , make a skecth of face on a card board paper , and cut it and stick to the accordion paper snake









How to make a paper windmill


This craft step by step on how to make paper windmill that spins around, is one of my favorite fun and easy  craft idea for kids.

|make your own pinwheels from squares of coloured paper|make it in minutes|

Paper windmills, or pinwheels, make great tabletop decorations for outdoor parties.

Learn how to make a paper windmill with this step-by-step guide…

You will need
  1. Paper in 3-4 shades
  2. Decorative stickers
  3. Flat-ended map pin or push pin
  4. Thermacole balls

  5. Paper stick

  6. Card paper


  • Cut two 20cm squares of paper, one in each colour. 
  • Cut the squares  diagnolly, just like below ;                                    
  • Cut a circle shape from cardpaper / a sticker circle
  • stick the triangle shapes on the circle one by one, just like below;                                                                                                   
  • Fold all alternate corner sections down to the centre of the paper, holding each section under your thumb at the centre as you work. Place a sticker / centrally on the windmill so that it holds all the  blades in position ; like this ↓



  • Finally, place the pin through the paper stick ( use a bit of glue if it needs strenthening, but be careful not to stick the card to the stick  as this will prevent your  windmill from spinning around )Also,
  • place the pin in the thermacole ball ; like below ↓




One last tip before you go,

You might need to make it with card if you decide to do some Halloween or Christmas themed windmills as the weather is not as pleasant at this time of the year! A black and orange windmill with white ghosts and black spiders would be perfect for Halloween!

Please share your completed windmills with me!!