guess who’s back, back again


Lauren and I met during a fairly miserable year of our lives: freshman year of college.  The thing is that college is nothing like what they tell you it will be.  At least not at first.  We spent almost the entirety of our first year at Emerson hating the school, the people, and our lives.  We would hole up in our suite (the epitome of antisocial), eat dinner at 4:30PM (because in Boston at winter that’s nighttime), and drink whatever shitty alcohol we could get our hands on (ever tried Rubinoff?).  And then the very last week we did a 180, suddenly loving life.  We had a solid friend group and the seasonal depression faded as spring eased its way in.  This would also be the last week Lauren and I would live together for the foreseeable future, a scary, sad fact.

Thinking back to the very end of freshmen year, I think of lounging on the Common, going to our first truly good party, and goofy-ass drunk dancing and singing into the early hours of the morning.  Though there were many songs that served as a soundtrack to that week–we’d just discovered Damn Tall Buildings, we saw Chromeo live, and we covered “Blake’s Got a New Face” as “Ryan’s Super Basic” in honor of one of the last friends we made that year–there’s a single one that sticks out in my mind.  All the memories of that weirdly great time in our lives play to one song: Mouth’s Cradle’s  “American Boys.” It’s a totally obscure, bizarre, catchy song that features sound effects ranging from a cowbell to the Mac PhotoBooth shot countdown.

We stumbled upon “American Boys” during that last stretch of freshman year, playing it obnoxiously on repeat and slurring the words at the top of our lungs.  I’m not going to say that was our prime, but it sure felt like it.  So when we were a couple years into our friendship and a couple years into our tattoo addictions, Lauren and I decided to get matching tattoos of “American Boys” lyrics.  Really, we were tossing around ideas, Lauren mentioned wanting the lyrics, and I piggy-backed.  But we had this super strong connection to the song; it was pivotal to our friendship and brought back some seriously wonderful mems.

 Roughly a year passed before we got the chance to get inked together.  A lot happened in that year–travel, boys, college, work, maybe finally becoming actual adults–and in that time we kept coming back to the lyrics, kept interpreting them, tailoring them to our lives.  He was a firework and the he met Poseidon // I swore I wouldn’t love another seaplane pilot  Those words, with their surprisingly refined figurative language for a young dude from Pennsylvania, informed a slew of situations, molding to our need to find meaning in all the fun and fucked-up times during that year.

So when Lauren came to Boston to visit me this fall, our first stop (after Boston’s only acceptable Mexican food, that it) was the tattoo parlor around the corner from my apartment.  Font was something we struggled with from the get-go.  We considered using the font of a mutual favorite book/TV show/movie, but no font particularly stood out to us.  We toyed with the idea of each other’s handwriting, but that didn’t stick either.  At nearly the last moment, we came up with the perfect font: the font from our blog.  Six months in, we were taking it pretty seriously, loving music, writing, each other, and how it offered us another way to keep in touch.

Now we’ve been doing it for over ten months.


The blog started off as an idea I had while peeing. I think that, when I brought it up with Mairead, I actually referred to it as a “cool pee idea.” And since sitting on the toilet really does tend to bring out some of my mind’s best work, this pee idea came to fruition pretty quickly and has somehow stuck. If you’ve been around for a minute, you probably remember our first post ever and its explanation of our blog’s chosen name. Tl;dr, we were getting lil’ tats done in Austin sophomore year when one of the artists in the shop told us we had ~interesting vibes~. And because we are gluttons for such unique compliments, we ran with it. Thus, Interesting Vibes. We threw together our layout and “about” page fairly haphazardly, with a couple of posts queued to prove that we were actually up to something relatively productive.

This toilet idea of a blog we built early last summer has worked well for us. We’ve flexed our writing fingers, fangirled over favorite tunes, and forced ourselves to think critically about music and how it relates to both our lives and to the world at large. As 2015 made way for 2016, we resolved to put more of a genuine effort into our six-month-old baby of a blog. At the end of the day, it’s all strictly for fun and for practice (do recall that one-half of this duo is on track to become an Actual Writer). But, since we are proud of what we’ve done here and want to show it off to our ~4 readers as beautifully and thoughtfully as possible, we hereby present you with the revamped, more-serious, more-adult, more-readable Interesting Vibes.

Here’s what we’ve changed:

  • We have a domain name now, because is clunky and also kinda reminds me of my Xanga days.
  • We revamped the layout to make the blog easier to read and more text- than image-focused. Ya girls may know how to construct a sentence, but we can’t take pictures for shit. Sometimes my inner A/V nerd tempts me to invest in a DSLR and pick up some photography know-how, but that probably costs money so nah.
  • Our posts are now categorized into friendly folders located at the top-right of the page.
  • We added a nifty new header image, taken on our recent jaunt to Denver, CO. Can you tell that we were being obnoxious tourists?

We hope you like our little facelift. Do us a solid and share our shit with your friends, or feel free to get in touch with ideas for future posts, projects, and pee ideas. As always, thanks for the support and love and other gross feelings stuff.



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