Another One (year in music, that is)


Killin’ it (or being drunk-ass bitches) at our 2015 Halloween reunion

It was our favorite time of year.  The weather was starting to shift towards that scary thing they call winter.  Days were depressingly gray and short.  Final exams pretty much destroyed our will to live. And we began thinking that listening to Christmas music may be our only shot at happiness due to the stress and exhaustion.  We had lost our minds.  And then Spotify rolled up with its nifty Year in Music review!

There’s just something really fun about reliving your year via the music you were obsessed with.  And that’s what Spotify tracks- what you were obsessed with.  Not just the artists you listened to a couple times, but the artists you listened to a couple hundred times.

Here’s what our 2015 sounded like.


Artists: First Aid Kit, Made in Heights, Låpsley, Broods, Banks

Quite proud of the fact that these are all led by incredibly talented females.  A little less proud of the fact that First Aid Kit didn’t even release any new music this year, yet are my most played artists.  Gotta have your standbys, though, and these women—some with male counterparts—are mine.

Albums: Without My Enemy What Would I Do (Made in Heights), Goddess (Banks), Stay Gold (First Aid Kit), Evergreen (Broods), Hozier (I have faith you guys can figure this one out)

Still stand strongly behind all these albums.  Without My Enemy is both sonically and lyrically genius.  Goddess is great for consoling your inner sad girl (though, tbh, Banks’ latest single was kinda a let-down if you ask me).  Stay Gold features First Aid Kit’s killer vocals as usual, while juggling restlessness and love.  Evergreen has some really catchy songs on it, while sounding unlike anything else.  And Hozier is an angsty romantic’s field day.

Tracks: Falling Short (Låpsley), Candles (Daughter), Brownlow (Låpsley), Drowning (Banks), Landfill (Daughter)

Desperately awaiting the day Låpsley drops an entire album.  Meanwhile, I’ll be crying to Daughter’s 2012 EP.

Top Genres: Indie R&B, Pop, Indietronica (?), Indie Folk, Gauze Pop (?)

Maybe my favorite part of the review?  It’s always fun when Spotify tells me about music I love that I don’t even know exists.  This is also maybe the only type of research which I truly enjoy.  Finals are killing me, I’m procrastinating all my work, but you best believe I’m going to research what on earth Indietronica and Gauze Pop are and then most probably fall in love with these genres (see PBR&B last year). 

Time spent listening: 75,000 minutes / 1,242 hrs / 52 days

When you antisocial AF.

842 different artists

Would like to aim higher for next year.

2,304 different tracks

Respectable, I suppose.

Few of the tracks I’m ~loving~ from my Play it Forward playlist: Coughing on the F Train by Bombadil, Sedona by Houndmouth, American Privilege by Allen Stone, Queens by MisterWives (missed these guys at Boston Calling and now I’m beating myself up about it), New York by Milk & Bone, Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains) by Will Dailey



You know what didn’t suck? 2015. This was a huge year for me– I traveled to three new countries, discovered new ~passions and interests~, bonded with some excellent new friends, put myself through the hardest semester of my life, enjoyed (suffered through) new work experiences, underwent major love life shakeups, added two little tats, aaaaaaaand fell hard for so much music.

You know what does suck? My computer. It’s old and senior citizen-slow, repeatedly refusing to run my Year In Music again. With that being said, here’s what I remember off the top of my head.

I don’t remember the order, but my top tracks included:

Retro (ROUGH)- Childish Gambino

Plough- Speedy Ortiz

Odessa- Caribou

Class Historian- BRONCHO

I listened to 46 days of music. Mai got me beat on this one. BUT, I did listen to 3,617 individual tracks (which is 1,907 more than last year!)

In the words of Future Islands, “seasons change.” Profound, I know. But one of my favorite features of Spotify’s Year in Music is its rundown of your favorite artists each season. It’s a fascinating way to track the evolution of your year through music. I found these so interesting that I took shitty iPhone pictures of my computer screen to remember them. So, without further ado…


Musically, I spent a whole lot of time with Childish Gambino, Kanye West, and The Velvet Underground. I’m not sure what this means, and it goes without saying that winter was kind of a weird time for me. It’s worth mentioning that this was the year in which I got really into hip-hop, so here’s my starter pack I suppose– intermingled with a healthy dose of sad dad music, obviously.


My days were soundtracked with Kendrick Lamar, Speedy Ortiz, and The Mountain Goats. I guess that’s because this is when To Pimp a Butterfly debuted and around the time I was getting roped into seeing the other two artists, with whom I wasn’t initially familiar, but grew to love very, very quickly.


Kept it acoustic garbage-y with The Mountain Goats, honed my “alternative hip hop” chops with Earl Sweatshirt, and got really, really into Donnie Trumpet & the Social Experiment. All Hail West Texas, I Don’t Like Shit, I Don’t Go Outside, and Surf were some of the few records I had saved on my phone while traveling, so they naturally got a whole lot of play time on those long, cheap, wifi-less bus rides.


Remembered why Wilco is so great after they put on a killer show in Austin, kept my love for Grimes going strong, and began a very weird, belated affair with Devendra Banhart. I feel like these are all self-explanatory, right?


And now, here we are. It’s full-on winter, with crazy Texas (and weirdly nice Mass) weather to boot. It’s been a relatively batshit (but so so good) year for us both, musically and otherwise. Here’s hoping for 50+ more days of fantastic tunes in the new year.


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