Getting Through This with Mourn


Let’s talk about things that are awesome.

1)    Spain

2)    Badass teenagers making music together

3)    Bands that are fronted by women

4)    Concise EPs that don’t tack a bunch of shitty songs onto strong singles (or vice versa) just for the hell of it

We, the listeners of the world, have been blessed with a recent EP that somehow rolls all of these awesome things into one fabulous three-track headbanger- Mourn’s “Gertrudis”.

Mourn is comprised of four painfully cool young humans from Barcelona who met in high school and debuted their self-titled first album last year. With the white-hot fury and shouting capacity of many badass female rockers before them, the ladies of Mourn- and the one gentleman of Mourn- have given us the star-making “Gertrudis, Get Through This!” followed by two very-nearly-as-strong tracks- the delightfully confrontational “Your Face” and the somehow-not-cliché Dali ode “Salvador”. These are tough-girl anthems of survival and grit, but frontwoman Jazz Rodriguez Bueno’s achingly sincere, growling vocals and the band’s frenzied, punk-inspired instrumentals give the EP a vibe that is anything but emotionless. “Gertrudis” is a flawless combination of heart and pure badassery.

If you only have time for one song, make it the title track. Mourn’s soulful cries of “Get through this!” and “Escape from this!”- along with some excellent guitar playing and serious style- make “Gertrudis, Get Through This!” an all-occasions anthem. Upset over a boy? Mad at your parents? Enraged about the state of American politics? Dying to escape from wherever you may be? Just feeling kinda angsty? Blast this track a time or two and I guarantee you’ll at least feel understood- and probably pretty powerful too.

Mourn is essentially everything awesome about music. Its members are passionate, talented, and uncannily adept at channeling all sorts of feelings into songs that are infinitely wiser than what you’d expect from four teens playing punk music after school. They aren’t super well-known yet, but they’re putting out music on par with the greats. It’s also pretty nifty that they write in both English and Catalan (and sound equally dope in both languages). I know I’ll be listening to “Gertrudis” on repeat all week- and anxiously awaiting Mourn’s next move.

– Lauren


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