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So we walk into a tattoo parlor in Austin, Texas. As an artist is prepping our designs, we strike up conversation with the artist at desk.  In less than a minute, he’s showing us the purple zebra print leggings he just bought his four-year-old daughter.  She’s going to look pretty rad in them and we tell him so.  Soon we’re bopping around, discussing our lives with him when he turns back to the artist about to come at us with needles and says something along the lines of:


“They don’t seem like regular UT students. They’re kinda like hippies. They have interesting vibes.”


We like to think he was right.  We’re two students and best friends, one from Boston, one from Austin, who dig music and writing.  One of the staples of sustaining our long-distance friendship is our exchange of artists, albums, and playlists and our countless amazing memories that involve our favorite jams.  Be it bonding at Boston Calling around the time we first met or spending Lauren’s 19th birthday getting drunk on stolen whiskey and listening to Amy Winehouse on vinyl or belting altered Vampire Weekend lyrics in a freshman dorm room, our friendship is marked by our love of music.  And recently we decided we’d share that love.


Here on Interesting Vibes, we hope to provide you with some great tunes and fun reads while taking the time to write some good shit for ourselves and our friends. We don’t think of ourselves as critics or experts of any sort—just two badass babes who want to talk music with each other and with you people.


Welcome readers; welcome listeners!



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